Gynecology Clinic

  • Time: 8AM-630PM
  • The clinic is run by a very experienced gynecologist assisted by clinical personnel highly trained in reproductive health issues.
  • T his clinic caters for young girls and women with health problems affecting the female reproductive system.
  • All gynecological problems requiring surgery are operated on either in the clinic or in the various hospitals within Thika and Nairobi.
  • the gynaecologist has been contracted by the various hospitals to operate under the NHIF surgical package
  • Other services offered in the clinic are;
  • All Family planning services and methods: These include; assessment and counseling for the suitable method, Provision of long acting methods like Implants (implanon and jadelle), IUCD and injections, as well as short acting methods like oral contraceptives pill and the patch.
  • Breast Health: a special emphasis is put on examination of the breast to detect early any abnormalities and provide prompt medical intervention where appropriate. For all breast lumps the clinic takes specimen for pathologist’s analysis through the Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) which is a modern non invasive procedure.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening: this is done regularly for all women in reproductive age group and especially for those sexually active women.

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